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3. Creation Congress Presentation (How is Everything Taking Place With Divine Power)

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How is Everything Taking Place With Divine Power?

3. International Creation in the Light of Sciences Presentation (Full Text and Presentation Video)

For presentation full text, video and Powerpoint presentation (Turkish and English)

It is in the folder named “3. Yaratılış Kongresi” at the following address:

The purpose of study is to clearly reveal out whether it is possible for the material factors in nature to come together and give life to things.

The real faith in Oneness (Tawheed) is not complete with the simple acceptance of Allah as the creator of the apparent universe. Such a belief is the first step of the hierarchy of the faith, and comes short of fundamental qualities of the faith requested by Allah in his Quran. In fact, what is really wanted is, in addition to acceptance of the fact that every matter and object appearing and every activity taking place in this universe is created directly and ruled by the divine power itself, the complete and absolute rejection of the existence of anything that is supposed to be interfering and assisting in these activities and rulings.

This is an unbelievably great and magnificent issue. In order to reach this level of belief in Allah and a “doubtless and informed faith based on strong evidence”, it is necessary to make a serious and detailed investigation. We are dealing with the explanations of important facts: How everything happens with divine will and they continue to depend on that and the ease of this for Allah and that it is easy for Allah to create and control everything with the same ease He creates and controls just one thing.

The analysis is performed through analogies that are built upon various scientifically accepted data, comparisons and logical reasoning methods.

The end of the analysis: It will be clearly demonstrated that the creation and management of all entities and beings from the same center and of being created by someone, which we would accept as a single and independent creator, is the necessity to an extent impossible to think alternatively.

Key Words: Existence of creator, The real faith in Oneness (Tawheed), The Genesis model, Atheism, Philosophy of science.




The purpose of study is to clearly reveal out whether it is possible for the material factors in nature to come together and give life to things. An eternal Power, who does everything on his own and a Creator, who is able to be by the side of every matter /object spiritually need not to be by their side while affecting them as He is not bound by the restrictions of time and space. The effect of the electrical signals, which can be considered as a non-material/spiritual cause, has its effect over each and every pixel of the screen at the same time. Its effect is continuous and functions as it is spiritually by the side of each pixel. There is no difference between one point on the screen and the whole screen in terms of the effect of that signal. All are equal. It may come into being all of a sudden. However, in order to have the formation of all these writings, it is necessary that each letter should be written with a material pen one by one.



In a similar way, if we explain the coming into existence of a fly with the action/movement of the natural and material factors, then we will certainly accept that these factors are standing by its side or working inside that fly.

Then how is this possible, have you ever thought about it?

In order to be able to answer this deep but simple question and understand the issue we need to do this: For a second, just give up accepting by heart, without questioning, what we are told and try to accept this information in the real sense. It is said,” material causes create this fly” So be it. Let’s accept that material causes are really making that fly.

Then what do we have to accept for that? How will it happen? This is a very interesting question.

Because, as we have examined before, the material causes in nature have such characteristic that each one of them moves a different direction immoderately, in a disorderly and incompatible manner. They go on fleeing away randomly if there is no external intervention, whereas, for coming into existence of the body of that fly, it is necessary to bring together many different materials in certain precise measurements. Then, these different materials, which are brought together, should be placed in correct locations in a way compatible with each other. The parts of the body of the fly should be made in certain dimensions and from certain materials in certain measurements. There are special shapes of each part and tiny folds in fly’s body. If these measurements are not respected, the body of the fly could not come into existence. Especially, in the first try, the small body of the fly, is produced without any plan and mold, lacking DNA information coming from past. In such an environment, how can these material and unconscious factors existing in nature, which are rough, disorganized and unable to think of working together in concert with each other, make/create that fly?

How could this be possible? Can you imagine? Does it have any feasibility?

99The wind blows from one place, and takes the matter to the other side along with it.

Water flows from another place, makes wet the places where it flows and takes the matter along with it over its course.

The sun warms the materials, turns them from liquid to solid, and sometimes leave then completely dry. It does not care.


And the force of gravity does not mind if the object falling is broken into pieces, it does not care and leave it where it falls.


If you leave a rock on its own alone, either it becomes fine earth or turns into large or small stones with the passage of the time.

On the other hand, the soil, which is said to have been the most important source of life, becomes mud when it gets wet, and it is a lifeless material that has no benefits once it is dried. It does not know how to make the delicate balance of moisture, heat and pressure the material to be made from it but so many things come out of it. Don’t they?

Lightning, volcanoes, storms are other big factors that burn down, disrupt and damage the place they touch and that seem to be doing nothing more than giving harm.

You claim, “They did it”, don’t you? Just have a look at the material at hand, and what their capabilities are. And pay attention to the fact the fly, which is attempted to be formed with these seemingly useless material, is such a wonder of art and technology of great detail both in terms of its internal and external structure. “There are 8,000 lenses in the area of a few millimetres in the eye of the fly. Each of these lenses sees an image from different angles. When a fly looks at a flower, the image of the flower appears separately on each of these 8,000 lenses. These different images reach to the brain of the fly and get unite there like the parts in a jigsaw puzzle. As a result of the combination of these thousands of different pieces, a meaningful flower image comes out for the fly”. (Wollard, 1999)

Even today we do not have such a technological knowledge that could enable us to place 8000 lenses within an area of a few millimetre squares and to provide each one with the capability to see. And the formation of a neural system, that could enable the sensation of the light and make this sensation visible is, is totally unfeasible with the existing smallest and most sensitive machines that we have in today’s latest technology.

In order to have a look at and be amazed by the fly, this wonderful living machine, which can only be the art work of a divine technology with its tiny folds in his body and amazing structure of his eyes, please look at the coming images.

Your Horizon of Contemplation will be immensely opened up and you will hear and see The Fly saying “There is no way that I could be the result of coincidence and the Nature”

Hence, in order to claim that it was the nature and material reasons which formed the fantastic body of a fly, which is amazing us with its wings flapped 200 times in a second and with its flight system that became an inspiration for the planes, we should accept that the material factor existing in the nature worked in the tiny eye of that fly like a factory worker with an unbelievably delicate craftsmanship. How can they do it otherwise?

In our opinion, it is so obvious that such a thing remains outside the range of possibility and intelligence, being more difficult to be realized than most unlikely dreams. The eye of the mind and the material mind can see this fact. We have to make a logical interpretation out of our observations. We should be able to do this inference.

As a requirement of the mystery of the trial, there is no such evidence of mathematical accuracy. But it is almost that accurate.  Deducing what we could not see from what we see. That is what the faith and believing mean.



The basis of our evidence is the interwoven connections between the objects which are related to each and every other part of the universe and has indispensable connections with the whole of it.

Besides, there is also the fact that each living being that came into existence, is not a fixed and simple material, it has the characteristic of being continuously renewed. These are the two basic points that we will base the impossibility of this section.

There are consequences of claiming that it is self-created. You can’t say these words and just step aside. What does it mean to say that an object or an event is made on their own, without getting any external aid and intervention? It means that everything that needs to be done while a work is being carried out, is done personally by that person and whatever is needed for doing that work or making that thing, it is provided by this person with his own resources.

The body of a human being is like a machine and even more like a factory which is continuously renewed and which can’t be considered independently from its environment. In this amazing structure, dead cells are replaced by new ones continuously without any interruption in this system our organs are totally renewed:

Stomach wall 3-5 days.

According to a widely-accepted opinion, almost all cells in our body are renewed to a great extent within a period of six months.

According to sciences of medicine and biology, which is concerned with the working of cells in the body of living things, each living thing shows behaviours which are in complete conformity with the purposes working for the balanced functioning of the ecosystem.




A cell has many duties and functions in connection with the body. None of the cells has the luxury of moving independently from the ecosystem (outer world) and the totality of the functioning of the body. And they act just in this way, that is, with care not to disturb the order in which they exist. How do we know that? The continuation of delicate balance and orderly functioning of the body is dependent on the fact that all cells carry out their functions without any interruption. This delicate balance, which is exceptionally disturbed in case of illness, which has many hidden pearls of wisdom, clearly underlines the importance given to carrying out these functions.

For example, our eyes, they work in coordination with many other organs of our body and they help many of them carry out their functions.

Eyes are in full cooperation with the brain, neural system and skeletal system and they exchange data with them while we walk and run.

Our walking without losing balance and responding correctly and timely in case of a danger all depend on the coordination of our eyes with our reflexes.

To be able to see, our eyes need the sun lights. We wonder: How does this world take its shape in our minds?

It does so with the reception of the light from outer world by our eyes and processing by brain. Doesn’t it?

Then, did the sun arrange the structure/characteristics of the light in accordance with the characteristics and the structure of the eye, since it knew them. Or, did the cells in the eye designed themselves by taking into account the properties of the sunlight?

Or, (with a more fantastic thinking) do they all work in coordination? What do these questions mean for the eye, which is claimed to come into existence with the formation of cells which are acting randomly?

How were the cells in the eye able to make the technical arrangements and the design that produced a more perfect view compared to most successful cameras produced with logic and technology?

If it is assumed that these cells were taken away the ease of being employed and controlled under a single centre and hence now working independently in a unattended manner; don’t they have to know, in addition to the duties they take in their work, the functioning of the body, to which they are connected, and control it continuously; and also know the ecosystem with which they have many relations in the outer world and act in accordance with it, by following closely its functioning and controlling it?

Otherwise, does naturalist and materialist philosophy know these requirements and see them as normal and easy?

It is necessary for these cells, which are claimed to be self-created, to have an amazing potential of information and logic to think about and to find out how an organ, whose parts are brought from all over the universe and which will be employed in that body, will be composed of which matter, from where it will obtain its resources and what will be its production type, for all bodies coming from past generation including the current and future ones, to find out such resources, to bring them and make them work, and to manage them all in an harmonious and continuous manner under a single ecosystem so that they could be the real processor/handler and the cause of these wonderful works. Only under such a condition, it is possible to say that this cell is working on its own.

But we could not accept that each cell in the body of a human being, who is super intelligent (!) to accept the possibility of such an illogical thing, could be the source of such an high level of logic and information.



Every object, that carries out a certain duty and that have an artful visuality and an orderly integrity can be made in two different ways: (We can call them as production alternatives) (Sözüer, 2017)

1- The making of the object directly by the hands of someone who has intelligence, consciousness, willpower, knowledge and power.

                     For example, drawing of a picture by a brush,                                              Writing of a letter by a pen,

             Weaving of a rug by hand,                                                                 Making of a sculpture by sculpting of marble by hand,








       Construction of a model car by hand,





Production of an arrow or a sling by hand.



Someone who will make the object in this way, first envisages design, plan, model and properties of the object in his mind and then without the need of using an external mould could make it. As bionic machines, we work in this way. The special form and the quantity of the object envisaged in the mind, is like a non-material/spiritual mould of the object to be produced.

The materials that will make up the object are processed over this abstract mould, which is existing in the mind of the maker of the product as information, but which is not seen from outside, in other words, over a non-material/spiritual, or logical mould which is based on information. In a similar fashion, the creation in the form of construction by the Divine Power (except creation from nothing) is also similar to this.

The Supreme Being (Cenab-ı Hak), writes the Book of Universe with his pen of power and ink of particles, over the table of the faith, which is in essence like the spiritual mould of the matter/objects before very eyes, in an easy, prompt, artful, orderly and erudite manner. In this way He shows us the excellence of the beauty and the beauty of his excellence.

2- In this article, we will examine the other method by which an object is made. If the object is not to be made in person by a conscious handler, who plans its coming into being, decides how and in what ways this will happen and if lifeless materials will be used in the making of objects, then a material mould is needed.

In fact, in very detailed works, it is necessary to use material moulds in order to finish the work without any mistake and to make the measures are applied correctly, even when there is a conscious handler who can get in touch with the lifeless material. For instance, you can draw a map or a project just by using your hands by the rule of thumb. However, in order to make it in the correct dimensions/measurements and in a correct way, you need to use a ruler and a scale. Certainly, there is a need for material moulds for the making of all artful part and orderly formation of living beings which are claimed to be made depending on nature and causes.

We all witness everywhere and all the time, plants coming out of the earth, flowers and trees were made orderly, artful and functional as if all were taken out of the same mould, and designed according to a plan. Therefore, it is necessary to have moulds for all different types of plants and even for each individual plant, none of which is the same with another one, so that this orderly and artful work could happen, which appears before our eyes. Since such material mould does not appear and does not exist within the earth, then the moulds which are required for the works done over the earth should be non-material. In other words, this earth should know the body structure of each plant made with its knowledge and direct each one of them to the related mould with its power. Please notice from where we come and what we conclude with the deductions we make. The result is very simple, deep but at the same time logical/scientific and very accurate, almost as accurate as Mathematics.

Moreover, we would like to remind you that the fact that there is no experimental evidence conforming with the conclusion we made, does not make any harm to the scientific accuracy of our logical evidence and deductions. Therefore, it is clearly necessary to accept either the existence of non-material numerous moulds in that piece of earth or that there is an external intervention and these pieces of the earth are guided/directed.

Otherwise, as stated in the 26th Flash of Risale-i Nur , it would not be possible that the particles, which could be in numerous shapes and quantities, form just only in certain shapes and quantities; that the particles of material factors, which move and rush away irregularly, do not scatter away and stand on top of each other as a mass despite lacking moulds and measurements and hence that they form a living body whose organs work in harmony with each other.

If there is no visible material mould, then there should be non-material mould. Then it would be necessary to form these living bodies in a non-material mould, just like the forming of the particles of material by melting and pouring them in the material mould so that they would not scatter away and lose their orderliness.

In the industry, there is a basic principle: “Without moulds, production is not possible”

(Moment-expo, 2009)

Moulding, which can be described as the formation of a product by pressing the liquid or solid matter in a certain area, which has certain shape and volume, has been used since the first periods of civilization as a method for making a whole range of products with required properties in a speedy and low-cost way.

In essence, the real meaning of the expression “Without moulds, production is not possible” is that: “Production made in great numbers at high speed, with great ease and low cost can’t be of high quality without any error. If the production is to be done under these conditions, then it is necessary to use moulds.” Therefore, it is obvious that nature, which will produce objects and living beings, which are regular and artful, despite being made of simple and cheap matter at high speed, great each at low cost, shall certainly need moulds. Otherwise, it can’t do it.

They can’t come into existence without these moulds; and even it would be dreaming, a fantasy and superstitious science-fiction to assume that they can come into existence without mould or think that high knowledge and consciousness that is necessary for making of a scientific mould exits in nature!

Yes, in order to accept that self-creation as a scientific approach, we would like to ask from the science world the following: accepting the existence of as many material and non-material moulds as the number of formations that bring the living things into being.

But it is not over just with this acceptance, which is almost impossible. New moulds will be needed for the creation of the first group of moulds, since they are also to be made like living beings for whose production they are used, and then other moulds will be needed for the production of this second group of moulds and so on…

Here you are, an impossible and difficult way, which keeps turning around a vicious cycle and gets stacked in an impasse.

Why do we have to go through such a difficult and illogical road? Why should we prefer it?

After all, if all material causes came together and even if they had willpower, they could not form the body of a single fly and bring together the material and non-material tools, gadgets and paraphernalia in required measurements and scales.

(Nursî, 1996)

And, even if they brought them together, they could not keep them in required quantities and within necessary limitations.

Let’s go even further: even if they can keep them so, they couldn’t make all the matter, which is always renewed and refreshed, work regularly and continuously.

Let’s go one step further. Let’s suppose they made them work. Then how would they teach the particles of matter entering into that body, the duties that should be carried out without interruption? It is obvious that they can’t do any of these. Then, it becomes crystal clear that causes and nature can’t claim to be the inventors/creators of these materials/objects.

If someone claims: “I have painted that picture!” Then, we can ask “What is your evidence? Do you have a talent for that? Were you standing before it when that picture was being painted? Do you have any witness?” Or, if someone claims: “This picture is painted by so-and-so” Then the following is the first question that should be asked to that person: “Does that person who you claimed painted the picture, have a talent for painting? Was he before it during the painting or was he seen while painting that picture?” If he has not such a talent, how can it be claimed so?

Somebody who does not have any talent for painting stands before the canvas. He is a blind, deaf, lame, ignorant and talentless person. And someone, who took that man by his hand and brought forward, claims “This man has painted that picture!” Why? “He stands before the canvas!” His being before the canvas is not sufficient; does he also have the knowledge and the talent for making that picture? This is what we look for. If he hasn’t got it, then we will seek another reason.

In a similar way, the existence of nature and the material causes together with the objects is not sufficient. Although they do not have the knowledge and talent for making that object, they can’t claim to be the inventor/the creator of that object just because they are in its vicinity. Therefore, it should be accepted compulsorily that there is someone else employing them.

Since that person whom we are looking for, could create all different forms and shapes of all living being out of nothing, since everything in his knowledge has a plan, program and working rules and since all atoms, elements and components move with His knowledge and power, He can invent/create everything in an instant easily (without any need for a material mould or model) and He invents/creates any moment just before our very eyes.

Yes, it appears so. Doesn’t everything come into existence with great speed and ease? Is every matter/object made artfully, orderly and functionally at the same time? Don’t you see yourself that this is just the case, when you look around yourself?

If the realisation of all these work in this way does not show/prove that these works are all done with a Knowledge that knows everything about everything, with a Will that is in command of everything and a Power that can employ everything under its command and that everything is controlled by a single hand, then what kind of wonderful activities can you imagine else to demonstrate that this is the case?

eng-Her Şey İlahî Kudretle Nasıl Meydana Geliyor



The real faith in Oneness (Tawheed) is not complete with the simple acceptance of Allah as the creator of the apparent universe. Such a belief is the first step of the hierarchy of the faith, and comes short of fundamental qualities of the faith requested by Allah in his Quran.

In fact, what is really wanted is, in addition to acceptance of the fact that every matter and object appearing and every activity taking place in this universe is created directly and ruled by the divine power itself, the complete and absolute rejection of the existence of anything that is supposed to be interfering and assisting in these activities and rulings. (Sözüer, 2017)

This is an unbelievably great and magnificent issue. In order to reach this level of belief in Allah and a “doubtless and informed faith based on strong evidence”, it is necessary to make a serious and detailed investigation.

Here we go:

We wonder how we can explain such a great issue; which includes the coming into existence of everything with the divine power and

Their dependence on the divine will at any moment and

The fact that this is such an easy thing to do for Allah and

The fact that He creates and rules everything with the same ease by which he creates and rules just one thing. (Sözüer, 2015)

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(After Watching the Slide above Please Read the Text Below Carefully)

First of all, there is something that we should see clearly: there is an activity of creation around us which is going on continuously, and this activity shows itself by making all the matter and objects with such a beautiful visuality and with an orderly excellence in such an aesthetic way. All These Formations Which Are Taking Place in Unbelievable Numbers Are Created with An Unbelievably Fast Serial Production. In the Mean Time, the Qualities, Which Are Almost Impossible to Co-exist, Are Observed to Be Existing as Nested Together. As It Is Known, If Something Is Made Real Fast, It Becomes More Difficult to Make It Properly and Beautifully. The Production of a High-Quality Product Easily and In Great Numbers Is Not Possible with a Low Cost. However, In the Production Processes Taking Place over the Earth, Numerous Contradictory Properties Are Observed to Be Coexisting.

Extremely Smooth Despite Being in Great Numbers and In Great Numbers Despite Being Extremely Smooth. Despite Being Very Fast, It Has a Very Aesthetic Beauty. Despite Is Aesthetic Beauty,

It Is Made in A Way Which Is Extremely Easy. Although It Is Made in A Super Easy Way, It Is Also of High Quality. Despite Being of High Quality, It Is Made with Such a Low Cost.

All These Formations Are Made Out of Simple and Cheap Materials.

We Wonder: How Can We Explain This?

Clearly, they don’t seem to be the spontaneous works of unconscious mechanisms and factors which act in a complex, irregular and random manner, and which are incapable of cooperating with each other.

It Comes to Our Mind That, If It Were So, They Couldn’t Be in Such Great Numbers. There are 10 Million of Species Living on Earth. The Individual Members of These Species, Numbers of Which Are Expressed in Trillions, Seem to Be Produced in The Serial Production Facilities of a Factory and To Start Working in the Scene of Life. In Every Parts of the Earth, Living Beings, Small and Big Come into Existence, Life Pours out in every Corner of the Earth.

Is It So Difficult for You to Visualize Such a Thing before Your Very Eyes? Then, What Is Your Guess About the Difficulty of Maintaining Such Formations for Millions of Years? But to Our Surprise, The Coming into Life of Living Beings in Such Numbers and Variety Does Not Appear to Be So Difficult! There Is No Need for Such Long Periods of Time for Their Making Either.

Besides, The Fact That, Except in Very Rare Situations, Almost All of Them Are Made in Flawless Excellence Is Such an Interesting Fact That Should Never Be Overlooked.

As If “These Formations Which Are Thought as Being Irregular” and “These Living Being That Seem to Be Faulty” to Our Eyes Which Is Looking Superficially, Whisper to Our Ears Aloud:

“We are not defects of design and production! There is an intentional wisdom in our creation. If we were the product of the accidental coincidence and unconscious nature, most of our friends who are also produced in the same lathe would be just like us! Think of that and draw your lessons!”

Let us have a look at what Darwin writes in “the Difficulties of Theory” section of his book entitled “Origin of the Species”:

“If all species come into existence by slowly evolving out of other species, then why don’t we see around innumerable numbers of intermediate forms? Why isn’t the whole nature in a state of mess? Why is everything in its proper place? There should be intermediate forms in so many numbers, but then why could not we find them as buried in different layers of the earth? Maybe this is the biggest objection that can be raised against my theory” (Darwin, 1859)

We should think that, if it were really nature and the material causes that were making the living beings on their own, then they could not produce them in such great numbers; they could not make them in such an easy way, and they could not form them in such flawless shapes. We should predict easily that maybe just one of hundredths or thousandths of them would be perfect other individuals or species would come into being with difficulty and with different deformities or that they would not ever come into being.

In such a situation, we should be able to clearly conclude that this circumstance is stemming from the fact that the matter and objects are produced in a single place, managed from a single center and they are inventions and work of a single person so that they happen in this way.

This excellent picture, appearing with all its magnificence can’t be explained in another way.

Such an acceptance is the most logical and scientific deduction that can be made in the face of this apparent situation. If it weren’t so, then it wouldn’t be so difficult to predict that a fruit, which we buy for 2 Liras currently, wouldn’t be available even for 200 liras and maybe even there, would not be any possibility of formation of that fruit.

Now we will continue with an issue which is analyzed in detail in Risale-i Nur. The formation of the matter/objects could be possible either by creating them out of nothing or by bringing together the particles of matter.(Nursî, 1996)

1- If we accept that matter and objects are invented and created out of nothing by a single person, then that person should have the knowledge and power that can rule over everything. Of course, all the plans, working processes, the visual measurements of the designs will exist in his knowledge non-materially.

And an object shall have a non-material existence and spiritual moulds (that is a non-material spiritual body). The particles will be placed in pre-determined limits of that mould and they will not be allowed to overflow these borders. In this way, it is still possible for them to keep their shapes and orderly working.

Before coming materially into existence of the work of an architect, the plan and project drawings of that work and even its design in architect’s mind are like the non-material existence of that work.

In such a setting, giving a material shape to an object whose non-material plan, program and form already exist in the knowledge of its designer is a very simple thing to do.

The ease of this formation is explained in Risale-i Nur with the following examples:

Making an invisible note visible by spreading a material that makes invisible things visible, (Nursî, 1996)

On the paper over which the invisible note is written and transferring the images over a photographic film in a photograph machine to papers for the Divine Master of the Art, bringing objects, whose plans, programs, shapes and quantities are determined in his knowledge, from nothingness to existence is a work which is as easy as these examples. (Nursî, 1996);

2- If we think that this single person creates that object by bringing together the particles of matter, then, this person must have the capability to make these particles work and use them as he likes.

The particles which are employed under the command of such a person, would be working under the laws of motion whose working principles are determined by this person’s will and knowledge.

Just like, a commander’s mobilization of all soldiers under his command with a single instruction and the prompt performance of this instruction by all soldiers.

When these particles come together to form the body of a human being, they will pour into the non-material mould of the plan and program existing in that person’s knowledge, and stay there in pre-determined forms and quantities. They will not either pass over the borders or mess up the order nor will they hinder all these activities.

Do these words sound familiar to you? It looks like the working of the universe around you, doesn’t it? Don’t you think that the universe must appear like that just because it is working in this way?

If it is accepted that the matter and objects are made out of material causes, then these objects and formations won’t be invented out of nothingness, which in fact is also accepted by modern science. Because, other than the Sole Creator, who manifests, with his works and with their style of working, that He has an all-encompassing knowledge and an Omni-potent power; the mechanisms that are operated by nature and material causes, of course can’t create anything out of nothingness. Then, they must be working by bringing together the particles of matter lying around.

Given the variety of elements existing in the body of a living being and the necessity of bringing them together in certain precise measures, t is very natural that this gathering work is very laborious and time-consuming.

And, even we assume that these particles could be brought together,

Since they lack non-material mould for such formations,

Then they will need as many concrete moulds and developed factories as the number of all organs and cells of that living thing.


Or how else could they keep all the matter they brought together for the formation of the body in pre-determined required quantities and measures?

Then how could they make these particles work in a continuous and orderly manner?

Let us go one step further. Let us assume that they could make them work. Then, how could they teach them the duties that should be assumed in the system of work by these particles which continuously come from outside the body and are foreign to its functioning? It is obvious that they can’t do any of these.

Then it becomes crystal clear that the causes or the nature can’t claim to be the inventor of these objects. Then, it would be necessarily accepted that it is someone else who makes them work.

Now let us remember these two examples taken from the text of Risale-i Nur, which show us that the creation of the objects by a single hand makes the works much easier, and intervention of others makes them much more complex. (Nursî, 1996)

1st Example: It is much easier if a hundred soldiers are put under the command of an officer. It is effective and productive.

But, if a hundred officers are asked to command just one soldier, each one of these officers would like to act independently, to give orders and command, leading to difficulties and entanglement.

We can also think in the same way of the military equipment over the soldier. Production of this equipment at a single center is a source of ease. The production of the equipment for the whole army could be as easy as production for a single soldier.

If the production of the equipment of each soldier is requested from a different factory, then, production of the equipment of one soldier would be as difficult as the production or the whole army. Because, for each soldier a factory is needed, which could be necessary (and enough) for the whole army.

2nd Example: The requesting the shipment of the nutrition from different centres, that are necessary for the nourishment of fruits in and which are normally sent from one single centre of a tree would mean that making this fruit becomes as difficult as making the whole tree, because all the matter that is necessary for the life of the tree is also necessary for the life of a fruit and even for the life of a seed.

Hence, it is much easier to control each element which is the part of an orderly system from a single center rather than controlling them from numerous centers and it is even much easier than controlling each one of them from a separate center.

It is seen clearly and brilliantly that   the invention and creation of an object only by a single person carries itself with a great ease and a great necessity.

On the other hand, its creation by numerous material causes brings about difficulties at the level of impossibility.

As a result of detailed analysis, we have understood that, production of everything by a single center lowers the costs, increases the quantity of production, makes the work easier, shortens the time period and takes the orderliness, aesthetics, and quality to the highest level.

Since it is certain that it will take a shape similar to that of the world as we witness every moment, there remains no logical reason for not thinking that our world is also ruled/managed from one single center. In a situation just opposite of this, that is, where it is imagined that matter and objects are made by material causes and nature; they would be produced under difficult conditions, in a valueless, irregular, artless manner without any aesthetics. The whole world would look terrible.

Since the world looks very nice and orderly, and the living things there come into being in an amazingly excellent way, easily, with visual aesthetics, in great numbers and within very short time.

Then, there exists a reality that should be accepted by anyone who believes what he sees: That all the matter and objects are invented / created from one single center and this world is created by someone that we accept as unique and independent creator and any other alternative can’t be thought. In order to think the opposite, it is necessary to change the shape of everything we see; take and throw away all the living things that are beautifully created with aesthetics, and instead, put unimportant, inferior formations which do not have any aesthetics, and only after that another cause other than the reality of Tawheed (Unity, Oneness) can have a chance to be involved in that matter.

We do not think that any intervention or invention/creation of smallest magnitude by nature or material causes is possible in any corner of this beautiful world and this spectacular universe which continue to appear with its existing shape!

The end of the analysis: It is clearly demonstrated that the creation and management of all entities and beings from the same center and of being created by someone, which we would accept as a single and independent creator, is the necessity to an extent impossible to think alternatively.

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