KEŞİF YOLCULUKLARI: Farklı Mana Açılımlarıyla, İzahlı ve Görsel Destekli Risale-i Nur Eğitim Programı

Medresetüzzehra Eğitim Yaklaşımı'nın Bilim Felsefesini Oluşturmaya Katkıda Bulunmayı Hedefleyen Akademik Eğitim Faaliyetleri


Selected Content of Journeys of Discovery Risale-i Nur (Treatise of Light) Training Program

A Fantastic Science Fiction Story

(A Very Different Approach to the Miracle of Existence)

We have wanted to develop this story a little bit further and found ourselves in a fantastic science-fiction story.

We would like you to accompany us in this imaginary and mental journey of discovery. Join Us!

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The Effort to Make Sense out of This World and Magnificent Skies

In this article, which narrates  in a systematic way , like a poem, the observations of a traveller asking for the Creator of the Universe, dealing with the evidences of the creation which are seen when we look around us carefully with an effort to make sense out of this world, which is indeed the 1st Step of 2nd Position of the Treatise of Supreme Sign (Âyet-ül Kübra Risalesi), 7th Ray of Risale-i Nur, we are looking at magnificent skies and see that the laws of nature, which are fancy names given to the working or the order in the nature, could not and would not explain the unknown essence the matter.

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Quantum Universe and Law of Attraction

First of all we see that, Newton’s “Mechanic Universe” Model has very big deficiencies and that with “Quantum Universe Model”, it is understood that the universe dynamically exists with an ever continuing creation process and it is able to continue to stay in this way as well.  We learn about the scientific approach of “the Quantum Universe” Model which explains how the matter behaves in subatomic world and how it functions.

We start a journey in the mysterious world of quantum universe. Then, we search for the relations of the quantum mechanics with the divine creation and the functioning of divine will and for the meaning such relationship has for us. We share the exciting results of this search with you.

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Grand Design and Theory of Everything

Theory of Everything and Views of Stephen King are analyzed. Besides, answers given to the basic question of, “Why is there something rather than nothing?” are dealt with comparatively.

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Privileged Planet

Discover our privileged planet. Do we suppose that “everything acts in a chaotic way randomly, nothing has any ulterior meaning other than itself, everything comes into existence as it is and happens and ends on its own”? Think again…

Did you arrive on this planet by chance or have you been sent? Will you be thrown out of the world to not return after this life, or will you be invited to a different place?

Let’s go on an imaginary journey to understand this. We see that our planet is located in such a convenient and special place and that it is in such an outstanding location for us to discover the cosmos.   Click here to read.

The Way to Salvation from A Paradoxical Situation

(A Striking Approach to Allah and the Issue of Afterlife)

The main problem related to the understanding Allah’s existence and as well as the necessity of Hereafter, comes from the inability to make sense out of the works which lead to these truths and which are visible everywhere before our very eyes, from the inability to see their close relationship with these truths and the inability to infer that such activities are the results of these truths.

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 A Different Perspective on Big Bang

With a different look at the Big Bang, the probability of the formation of the existing universe, in its current form, is studied.

Moreover, the probability of the formation of a universe, which makes life possible, by chance is analyzed.

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Getting Wet in the Ocean of Cosmos

Two extremely original examples are provided, which makes it easier for us to understand what the laws of nature are and what they are not; and with a very distinctive approach, the characteristics of the laws of nature are questioned. The understanding ,which claims that assuming the existence of a Creator or thinking of the possibility of such existence is against the technique of scientific thinking, is seriously criticized. It is brightly illustrated that, in our search for the truth in Cosmos, our way will turn into an dead end if we try to illuminate it just with the weak light of the beacon of mind and turn away from the divine revelation.

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The Critical Assessment of the Law of Attraction and Quantum Thinking Technique

We would like to refer to famous books about quantum physics and law of attraction, for which documentaries were also shot: as “The Secret” and “What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole”. We are discovering the Real Big Secret of the Universe Opening All Doors and Overcoming All Difficulties.

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