KEŞİF YOLCULUKLARI: Farklı Mana Açılımlarıyla, İzahlı ve Görsel Destekli Risale-i Nur Eğitim Programı

Medresetüzzehra Eğitim Yaklaşımı'nın Bilim Felsefesini Oluşturmaya Katkıda Bulunmayı Hedefleyen Akademik Eğitim Faaliyetleri

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How will the Civilization of Islam/Quran be Built? What does the Dream of Medresetüzzehra Express?

How will the Civilization of Islam/Quran be Built? What does the Dream of Medresetüzzehra Express?

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We talk about something new and very different: Mentioning Allah, even mentioning Him with justifications; and building a science approach and philosophy of science that will be approved and be presented to humanity totally differ from each other and have big cliffs between.

There is also this point: Telling what comes to your mind, mouth and heart at that moment, and telling the truths of faith with an academic program syllabus based on a written and systematic text and instruct it are also very different things like day and night…

“Medresetüzzehra Education Approach” introduced by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi as an innovative education project at the beginning of the era is the special name of “instructing rational and religious sciences together, reconciliation and merging of them” It is not restricted to their being instructed together only.

Bediüzzaman Said Nursi, at the beginning of last century, presented “Medresetüzzehra Education Approach”, as the special name of a project of innovational educational program, teaching of rational and religious sciences together, their reconciliation and integration.

Our program aims to provide serious analysis and studies, as a philosophical basis, in terms of introduction to the Scientific World  of such an educational approach which accepts the existence of a Creator, by developing scientific models, and interpretations which can prove to be alternatives to scientific approaches to the existence of the Creator, by developing alternative scientific approaches  that can be accepted and by establishing the philosophy of science and curriculum of “Medresetüzzehra Education Approach”.

We have presentations which have been presented in two languages in  international congresses (Turkish orally, English written) and published in academic literature, which search for the proofs of the acceptance of a creator’s existence and makes its deductions in this direction; which reveal the value of scientific approaches and studies for humanity, and make deductions on the worth of scientific knowledge and interpretations in this direction. We also have some analyses on how a scientific approach will be presented to the scientific world.

For us, the most prior and important subject is to occupy oneself for the sake of Medresetuzzehra and Quran civilization.

Yes, making significant analyses about how to present such an education approach to the scientific world and producing intellectual infrastructure is an occupation above all.  

Yet, unfortunately, we deeply express our sadness witnessing that in the two Creation congresses, the number of presentations dealing with this subject are only a couple although around 90-100 years passed over the publishing of the Works.

What we mean is to give justification and offer proofs to the existence of the creator in an academic and systematic manner, not with premises. We don’t say it is not made, for sure. Yet, it is made in a disorganized, unplanned and unprepared  manner. This is not enough. What we talk about is “to build a philosophy of science to build a philosophy of science which accepts the existence of a creator and makes its deductions and expressions in this direction, which has a solid logic construct about all these, which confronts humanity with alternative models, and puts across itself”

We need this so much.


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Risale-i Nur, Civilization of Islam/Quran and Philosophy of Science

Risale-i Nur, Civilization of Islam/Quran and Philosophy of Science

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We start with what should be understood when philosophy of science is mentioned. We understand this: It is a discipline that analyzes scientific methods in terms of reliability, critizes the purposes and functions of science, comes up with explanations based on ratinality on this subject. The definition of this expression is already in this direction. That is, it has nothing to do with materialist/atheist philosophy. Actually, it’s verily our subject. (That is, it is the very interest and should be the interest of those who set their hearts on Risale-i Nur which presents Islam to the understanding of the era in the most appropriate and rational way.)

Here, we desperately need to build a philosophy of science which accepts the existence of a creator and makes its deductions in this direction, which has a solid logic construct about all these, which confronts humanity with alternative models, and puts across itself. Otherwise, how and in what way will the dignified Civilization of Islam/ Quran which is heralded and is the last hope of humanity be built!

According to certain academicians and teachers “the textbooks have been written so far as if there was no creator, now they will be written by accepting actually there is, that’s all!”

No, this is not easy and simple that much.

We leave our detailed analyses on how this is going to and should be done, to our other examinations. Looked from this side, we see many and great tasks required to be done and developed. Risale-i Nur can only be a basis and source/guide book. In the face of the developing world, science and technology; we need new, developed explanation and presentation styles which will adress humanity and satisfy, which will have strong and sufficient logic constructs to be applauded on science platforms.

At the moment, we want to mention the contributions of our “Discovery Voyages Risale-i Nur Program” to philosophy of science and civilization of Quran (It is a divine beneficence and came out above our expectation).

We think that we have substantially reached our significant below-mentioned goals in our education program:

Our goal was that healthy perspectives on contemporary scientific approaches to existence could be developed and besides Risale-i Nur could be adopted as “an important scientific discovery and source book giving direction to an alternative scientific interpretation that will be accepted” and to lay the ground for it to be presented again in a way that is worthy, contemporary, and academic.

One purpose was: To produce serious analyses and studies as groundwork about how to present, to the scientific world and to the humanity, an educational approach that accepts the existence of a creator by contributing to the setting up of the philosophy of science/knowledge of Medresetüzzehra Educational Approach, which is the special name given to an innovative education project presented by Said Nursi at the beginning of the Century, as the teaching of natural and religious science together, in a way where they are reconciled and integrated with our academic activities and training programs, and by making contributions to the production of alternative scientific methods, interpretations and approaches that would gain acceptance.

Impressive results that arose above our expectations:

In this journey of discovery that we started with our Risale-I Nur Training Program, we examined the most known theories on and scientific approaches to the existence and the working of the Universe and we made our evaluations, which were at the level of alternative scientific interpretations and we tried to serve this purpose.

Thanks to the methodology set forth and analysis and proving methods, , contacts made with contemporary scientific approaches and responses for opponent approaches and above all, authentic definitions, approach methods, conceptualisations and  categorical evaluations; superior approaches were utilized like the infrastructure of a philosophy of science  and where the changefulness of scientific data will not affect the outcome. The validity of the findings will not be lost, hopefully, until the Day of Judgment, was built with a solid logic construct.

For instance, the superior approach that “the stability of regularity whatever the mechanism and functioning is” (We livingly expressed the approach in Risale-i Nur again)

Two small examples to this:

Example to other outcomes is the whole of our book ” A Journey of Discovery for an Extraordinary Treasure:  Risale-i Nur (The Treatise of Light) Training Program “.

We present our two presentations of Creation Congresses which are very important presentations, and kind of mainstones in building of a Quran civilization and philosophy of science to the attention of the enthusiasts.

In first presentation called “The Scientific Compliance of the Thought of the Existence of a Creator and the Laws of Nature “, four significant presentations which are like cornerstones and science manifestos are introduced.

1- Questioning the Factors That Determine the Value of Scientific Information,

2- The Scientific Compliance of the Thought of The Existence of A Creator,

3- Important Findings on Evolution, Atheism and Creation and

4-Approach to Nature Laws.

We give the summary of the presentations below in order for the produced study’s critical importance in the building of Quran civilization to be understood:

 “In this study, some inferences are made about the value of scientific approach and studies that investigate the evidence of the acceptance of the existence of a creator for the humanity and makes its inferences in this way and the worth of the scientific knowledge and interpretations in this direction. Also, some analyses have been made about how a scientific approach that accepts the Creator’s existence will be presented to the world of science. The creation model is an upper model that deals with the one who operates the mechanisms and not with the nature of them and it does not address the approaches as evolution directly.  

In a world where some world-famous physicists try to explain the origins of the universe through laws and theories, the rotten atheism trap will be deciphered by clarifying the laws of nature in the clearest way and academic analyses. I will clearly and certainly be proved that the evolution cannot be an alternative to creation. This study will also contribute to the creation of a scientific model, interpretation and accepted scientific approaches that will be an alternative to the other scientific approaches about the existence of the creator.”

From the address below: you can read our 2. Creation Congress titled “Is it Possible for the Material Causes in Nature to Come Together and Create Creatures?” which reveals the concepts, definitions and findings that are cornerstones of the creation model:

We also give the summary of this presentation here:

“The purpose of study is to clearly reveal out whether it is possible for the material factors in nature to come together and give life to things. Firstly, basic concepts such as “coincidence, material factors, the laws of nature, the mechanisms of evolution”, on which the existence of the material and the formation of an object is based, will be discussed and their features will be analysed. Then, stating that a claim to form the base for the answer to a question like “What is the main reason for the creation of this object or that event?” should first make three issues clear, it will be noted that the validity of the claim could only be checked by analysing the following three issues.

1-The features of the event or object that has come out.

2-Whether the thing pointed out to be the source of the resultant event or object has the features and capacity to create those.

3-Whether the reason and the result have a visible co-occurrence during the creation of the object or event. The analysis is based on these three issues and is performed through analogies that are built upon various scientifically accepted data, comparisons and logical reasoning methods. The end of the analysis: It will be basically found that, it would be a non-scientific, difficult and vague way to try to explain the creation of an object through material factors and nature or by claiming that it has come out by itself. This study will contribute to the determination of the fact that it would be more scientific, reasonable, rational and acceptable to explain the creation of an object with a Creator, as an alternative possibility involving required conveniences and that, if there was a scientifically acceptable model, such model would better deserve to be scientifically accepted.”